Sales & Service

  • Service Spirit

    Customers' time is more precious than gold

    This requires that the service staff shall always think in the customers’ perspective and learn that “time is money” and solve the machine problems in time. Based on the 42 dealers and 26 offices in the whole country, Infront has established a thorough aftersales service network with sufficient service vehicles and a team of more than 1,500 service engineers, service hotlines, and ERP information management system. The company’s development, production and sales departments will take meeting service requirements as the top priority and thus guarantee the implementation of the service spirit.

  • Service Tenet

    Create value for our customers

    When customers buy Infront products, they pursue the benefits and value brought by the products. Thus the service staff shall have comprehensive service capability and are able to instruct the users to learn how to use, maintain, operate and repair the machinery products, so as to provide guarantee for the customers’ work and help them create value and gain profits.

  • Service Slogan

    Infront Service, anytime, anywhere

    We provide customers with various kinds of services anytime, anywhere.

  • Service Target

    Customer-centered and provide extra-time and extra-value services.

    Infront provides customers with a series of services, including training, technical consultancy, follow-up visit, special key project service(special coating service, on-site service, extra-time on-site service, etc.). Customers may feel that they purchase not only a machine, but also our complete services.

  • Service Requirements

    Concise, thorough, proactive and timely services.

    The requirement for our service staff ensures that they can contact the customers more enthusiastically, arrive at the customer’s job site in the shortest time, and implement quick and timely all-round services, so as to save the customer’s time and make them gain profits.