Caterpillar 349D2 hydraulic excavator
Caterpillar 349D2 hydraulic excavator
Engine and hydraulic system The powerful CatC13 engine complies with the US EPATIer2, Euro II and China 2 emission regulations. Combined...
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Engine and hydraulic system

The powerful Cat C13 engine complies with U.S. EPA Tier 2, Euro II and China 2 emission regulations. Combined with a high-efficiency hydraulic system, it can achieve excellent performance with low fuel consumption. In fact, compared with its predecessor models, the fuel consumption required to move the same amount of material in the 349D2 can be reduced by up to 9% in economic mode.


Caterpillar's superior design and manufacturing technology ensure excellent durability and longer service life in the most demanding applications.


The spacious cab has a wide view and the operation switches are within easy reach. The monitor adopts a full-color graphic display, which is easy to view and use. In general, the new cab provides a comfortable working environment for the operator to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

Lower repair and maintenance costs

Routine maintenance is quick and easy, helping to reduce the cost of ownership. Convenient inspection points, extended maintenance intervals and advanced filter functions ensure minimal downtime.

Comprehensive customer support

Cat dealers provide a wide range of services, and you can sign a Customer Support Agreement when purchasing equipment to determine the services you need.

Cat 349D2 complete solution

Caterpillar and its extensive dealer network provide solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.


Better comfort, operability and visibility. 349D2 enables the operator to concentrate on work.


The operating table adopts humanized design, spacious, quiet and comfortable, ensuring high productivity during all-day operation. All switches are located in front of the operator for easy use.

Cab structure and base

The cab shell is fixed to the frame with adhesive rubber mounts, which can improve your comfort while reducing vibration and noise levels. Thick steel pipes are used around the bottom to improve the fatigue and vibration resistance of the cab.
Technical Parameters
Parameter configuration of Caterpillar 349D2 hydraulic excavator
Technical parameters of Caterpillar 349D2 hydraulic excavator
Engine model  Cat C13 ACERT
Engine power (ISO 14396)  301 kW 403hp
Net power (SAE J1349/ISO 9249)  289 kW 387 hp
Bore  130 mm 5.11''
Stroke  157 mm 6.18''
Displacement  12.5 L 762in³
Working weight
Standard undercarriage*  45382kg 100 100 lb
Extended chassis system**  47919kg 105600 lb
Number of track shoes (each side) Standard 49
Long fixed gauge 52
Number of track rollers (each side) Standard 8
Long fixed gauge  9
Number of drag chain wheels (each side) Standard 2
Long fixed gauge  2
Slewing mechanism
Rotation speed  8.7 rpm
Swing torque  149 kN m 109896 lb-ft
Maximum travel speed  4.5 km/h 2.7 mph
Maximum traction rod force  338 kN 75985 lbf
Hydraulic system
Main system-Maximum flow (total)  734 L/min 193 Gall
Maximum pressure-equipment  35000 kPa 5076psi
Maximum pressure-driving  35000 kPa 5076psi
Maximum pressure-rotation  31400 kPa 4554psi
Pilot system-maximum flow  43 l/min 11.3gal/min
Pilot system-Maximum flow  43 l/min 2623in³/min
Pilot system-maximum pressure  4110 kPa 596psi
Boom cylinder-Bore  160 mm 6.0''
Boom cylinder-stroke  1575 mm 62.0''
Stick cylinder-Bore  190 mm 7.0''
Stick cylinder-stroke  1778 mm 70.0''
UB Bucket Cylinder-Bore  160 mm 6.0''
UB bucket cylinder – stroke  1356 mm 53.0''
UB Bucket Cylinder-Bore  170 mm 6.0''
UB bucket cylinder – stroke  1396 mm 55.0''
Maintenance filling capacity  705 L 186Gall.
Fuel tank capacity
Cooling system  35.5 L 9Gall.
Engine oil (with filter)  42 L 11Gall.
Slewing drive  10 L 2Gall.
Final drive (each side)  15 L 3Gall.
Hydraulic system (including fuel tank)  5701 L 150Gall.
Hydraulic oil tank  243 L 64Gall.