Caterpillar 416E backhoe loader
Caterpillar 416E backhoe loader
The Caterpillar 416E backhoe loader is a backhoe loader manufactured by Caterpillar with a rated power of less than 100 horsepower.
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Technical Parameters
Net Power-SAE J1349  55.0 kW
Engine model (standard)  Cat® 3054C DINA
Net power — ISO 9249  56.0 kW
Total power-SAE J1995  58.0 kW
Net power-EEC 80/1269  56.0 kW
Total power-ISO 14396  56.0 kW
Engine model (optional)  Cat® 3054C DIT
Total power (optional)-SAE J1995  69.0 kW
Total power (optional)-ISO 14396  68.0 kW
Net power (optional)-SAE J1349  66.0 kW
Net power (optional)-ISO 9249  67.0 kW
Net power (optional)-EEC 80/1269  67.0 kW
Bore  105.0 mm
Stroke  127.0 mm
Displacement  4.4 l
Net torque reserve at  1400 rpm-standard 27.0%
Net torque reserve at  1400 rpm-optional 37.0%
Net Peak Torque at 1400 rpm-Standard-SAE J1349  296.0 N·m
Net peak torque at 1400 rpm-optional-SAE J1349  386.0 Nm
Operating weight-max.  10200.0 kg
Operating weight-Nominal  6792.0 kg
ROPS/FOPS cab  220.0 kg
Ride control system  22.0 kg
Four-wheel drive  155.0 kg
Multipurpose bucket 0.96 m3 (1.25 yd3) (with folding fork)  884.0 kg
Multi-purpose bucket 0.96 m3 (1.25 yd3) (without folding fork)  714.0 kg
Telescopic stick (no weight)  314.0 kg
Air conditioner  38.0 kg
Counterweight (option 1)  116.0 kg
Counterweight (option 2)  231.0 kg
Counterweight (option 3)  488.0 kg
Digging depth-standard  4360.0 mm
Digging depth-telescopic stick retracted  4402.0 mm
Digging depth-telescopic stick deployment  5456.0 mm
Reach of self-swing pivot-standard  5618.0 mm
Reach of the self-swing pivot-telescopic stick retracted  5657.0 mm
Reach of self-swing pivot-telescopic stick extension  6666.0 mm
Bucket rotation  205.0 degrees
Bucket Digging Force- Standard 51.8 kN
Bucket digging force-telescopic stick retracted  51.1 kN
Bucket digging force-telescopic stick deployment  51.1 kN
Stick digging force-standard  31.8 kN
Stick digging force-telescopic stick retracted  31.8 kN
Stick digging force-telescopic stick deployment  23.4 kN
Stick lift at 2440 mm (8')-standard  2321.0 kg
Stick lift at 2440 mm (8')-telescopic stick retracted  2112.0 kg
Stick lift at 2440 mm (8')-telescopic stick deployed  1323.0 kg
Loading height-standard  3636.0 mm
Load height-telescopic stick retracted  3577.0 mm
Load height-telescopic stick deployed  4145.0 mm
Load extension distance-standard  1768.0 mm
Load extension distance-telescopic stick retracted  1868.0 mm
Load extension distance-telescopic stick deployed  2771.0 mm
Bucket capacity-universal  0.76 m³
Bucket width-general  2262.0 mm
Unloading height at maximum angle-single tilt  2651.0 mm
Unloading distance at maximum angle-single tilt  772.0 mm
Digging depth-single tilt  106.0 mm
Lifting capacity at highest point-single tilt  2547.0 kg
Bucket Digging Force-Single Tilt  40.9 kN
Hydraulic system
Circuit type closed center load sensing
Pumping capacity at  2200 rpm 132.0 l/min
System pressure  22700.0 kPa
Pump type Variable flow, axial piston
Steering form front wheel
Power steering hydrostatic
2-wheel drive cylinder-bore  65.0 mm
2 wheel drive cylinder-stroke  120.0 mm
2-wheel drive cylinder-connecting rod diameter  36.0 mm
4-wheel drive cylinder-bore  65.0 mm
4-wheel drive cylinder-stroke  120.0 mm
4-wheel drive cylinder-connecting rod diameter  36.0 mm
Brake system built-in, oil-immersed, multi-disc
Power shift, 1st forward  6.0 km/h
Power reversal, 2 forward gears  9.5 km/h
Power reversal, 3 forward gears  19.8 km/h
Power reversal, 4 forward gears  39.9 km/h
Power shift, reverse first gear  6.0 km/h
Power shift, reverse 2nd gear  9.5 km/h
Power shift, reverse 3rd gear  19.8 km/h
Power shift, reverse gear 4  39.9 km/h
Working Specifications-Backhoe
Swivel circle: outer front wheel  8.16 m
Slewing circle: the widest outside loading bucket  10.74 m
Maintenance refill
Cooling system, air conditioning  15.9 l
Cooling system, high ambient temperature  16.7 l
Fuel tank  144.0 l
Engine oil (including filter)  7.6 l
Transmission-Torque converter, 2 wheel drive, power shift  18.5 l
Transmission-Torque converter, 4-wheel drive, power shift  18.5 l
Rear axle  16.5 l
Rear axle, planetary gear  1.7 l
4-wheel drive front axle  11.0 l
Front axle, planetary gear  0.7 l
Hydraulic system  79.5 l
Hydraulic oil tank  37.9 l
Axle rating
Front axle, 2-wheel drive, static  22964.0 kg
Front axle, 2-wheel drive, dynamic  9186.0 kg
Front axle, 4-wheel drive, static  22964.0 kg
Front axle, 4-wheel drive, dynamic  9186.0 kg
Rear axle, static  22964.0 kg
Rear axle, dynamic  9186.0 kg
2-wheel drive front standard size tire  11L-16 F-3
Standard bias tire  12