Caterpillar 990K Wheel Loader
Caterpillar 990K Wheel Loader
The Caterpillar 990K wheel loader is a wheel loader with a tonnage of 6 tons and above manufactured by Caterpillar. The working mass (kg...
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Caterpillar is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world. As an industry leader, Caterpillar has always been committed to the construction of global infrastructure, and goes hand in hand with its agents to promote active and sustainable reforms on all continents. Overview Caterpillar has grown into the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric hybrid power units in the 85 years since its establishment. We work hand in hand with global agents to promote positive and sustainable change on all continents. We provide products, services and technologies in the following three main business areas: machinery, engines and financing products. As a global leader in multiple technologies, Caterpillar is committed to pursuing all-round excellence in its field.
Technical Parameters
Technical parameters of Caterpillar 990K wheel loader
Net power  521.0 kW
Bore  137.2 mm
Stroke  152.4 mm
Displacement  27.03 l
Torque reserve  18.00%
Peak torque at  1200 rpm 3557.0 N·m
Net power-SAE J1349  521.0 kW
Total power (ISO 14396)  561.0 kW
Rated speed: net power-SAE J1349 (standard environment)  521.0 kW
Rated speed: net power-SAE J1349 (high temperature environment)  483.0 kW
Rated speed: total power (ISO 14396)  561.0 kW
Rated speed: total power (SAE J1995)  571.0 kW
Operating specifications
Working weight  80974.0 kg
Rated payload-standard  15.9 metric tons
Rated payload-high lift  15.9 metric tons
1 forward gear  7.3 km/h
2 forward gear  13.3 km/h
3 forward gears  22.9 km/h
Reverse 1st gear  7.9 km/h
Reverse 2nd gear  14.7 km/h
Reverse 3rd gear  24.9 km/h
Direct drive-2 forward gears  13.7 km/h
Direct drive-3 forward gears  24.5 km/h
Direct drive-1st reverse  8.7 km/h
Direct drive-2nd reverse  15.4 km/h
Direct drive-3 reverse gears  26.4 km/h
Hydraulic system-lift/tilt
Maximum flow at 1800 rpm (1)  817.0 l/min
Maximum flow at 1800 rpm (2)  84.0 l/min
Safety valve setting value  3500.0 kPa
Safety valve setting value-lift/tilt  33000.0 kPa
Total hydraulic cycle time (with bucket empty)  13.8 seconds
Floating down  3.6 seconds
4.3 seconds backward flip
Maintenance filling capacity
Fuel tank  1114.0 l
Cooling system  208.0 l
Gearbox  110.0 l
Engine crankcase  75.7 l
Differential and final drive-front axle  271.0 l
Differential and final drive-rear axle  261.0 l
Hydraulic oil tank (tools and hydraulic fan)  261.0 l
Hydraulic oil tank (steering and braking)  132.0 l
The hydraulic system is factory filled with  795.0 l
Hydraulic system-steering
Maximum flow at 1 400 rpm 358.0 l/min
Safety valve setting-steering  32000.0 kPa
Operator sound pressure level (ISO 6396:2008)  69.0 dB(A)
Machine sound power level (ISO 6395:2008)  115.0 dB (A)