Caterpillar 972L Loader
Caterpillar 972L Loader
The core highlight of the 972L loader (new) production efficiency: machine & operator performance breakthroughs. High-performance se...
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Performance characteristics of Caterpillar 972L loader
Core highlights (new)

Production efficiency: Breakthrough in machine & operator performance

High-performance buckets are easier to load and increase the bucket loading coefficient

Lock-up clutch torque converter for high rim traction and hill speed

The industry’s best operating environment and optimized human-computer interaction provide drivers with unique comfort and efficiency

Fuel consumption: Compared with H series, fuel consumption is reduced by 15%

System innovation and deep integration optimize performance and efficiency

The economic model is optimized, the most fuel efficient and the least impact on production efficiency

Product Highlights

The Cat® C9.3 ACERT™ engine combines proven electronic, fuel, and air systems, and uses strict component design and machine verification processes to achieve unparalleled reliability, durability and uptime

The load-sensing hydraulic system provides flow to the tooling and steering system in proportion to the needs. The high-performance bucket series has a longer base plate, which can easily dig piles and reduce fuel consumption.

The tried-and-tested Cat Z link can provide higher digging force on the ground. The high-performance series has large openings, curved side panels, easy loading, and improved material retention.

Floor-to-ceiling windshield, large rearview mirror with integrated blind spot rearview mirror and rearview camera ensure industry-leading peripheral vision

Daily inspection and maintenance can be completed on the ground, repair and maintenance become safe and convenient

Cat Connect technology application more effectively manages and improves job site operations

Expert quick comment


• Heavy-duty planetary power shift gearboxes and axles can withstand extreme applications.

• The full-flow hydraulic filtration system provides additional loop filtration functions, which improves the reliability of the hydraulic system and extends the service life of components.


• The engine power has been increased by approximately 5%, improving the performance and responsiveness of the machine (compared to the H series).

• When reprocessing loose aggregates, optional aggregate configuration can increase output

Fuel efficiency

• Fuel consumption is up to 15% less than H series
Technical Parameters
Maximum total power at 1800 rpm-ISO 14396 (metric)  242.0 kW
Net power-ISO 9249  222.0 kW
Engine model  Cat C9.3 ACERT
Displacement  9.3 l
Maximum net power at 1700 rpm-ISO 9249 (metric)  222.0 kW
Maximum net torque  (1100 rpm) 1632.0 N·m
Maximum total torque (1200 rpm)-ISO 14396  1710.0 N·m
Bucket capacity  3.40-9.90 m³ (4.45-12.95 yd³)
Operating specifications
Digging force  196.0 kN
Static tipping load-37° full steering-including tire deformation  16164.0 kg
Static tipping load-37° full steering-without tire deformation  17421.0 kg
Reverse first gear  7.8 km/h
Reverse 2nd gear  15.0 km/h
Reverse 3rd gear  26.5 km/h
1 forward gear  6.9 km/h
2 forward gear  13.1 km/h
3 forward gears  23.2 km/h
4 forward gears  39.5 km/h
Reverse 4th gear  39.5 km/h
Hydraulic system
Machine pump type Variable displacement piston
Machine system: maximum working pressure  31000.0 kPa
Machine system: Maximum pump output  (2200 rpm) 360.0 l/min
Hydraulic cycle time- 10.7 seconds total
Maintenance filling capacity
Cooling system  71.6 l
Gearbox  58.5 l
Differential and final drive-front axle  57.0 l
Differential and final drive-rear axle  57.0 l
Crankcase  24.5 l
Hydraulic oil tank  125.0 l
Fuel tank  303.0 l
Maximum cooling fan speed: external sound power level (ISO 6395:2008)  109.0 dB(A)
Maximum cooling fan speed: external sound pressure level (SAE J88:2013)  76 dB(A)*
The cooling fan speed reaches 70% of the maximum value: ** External sound power level (ISO 6395:2008)  108 LWA***
The cooling fan speed reaches 70% of the maximum value: ** Operator sound pressure level (ISO 6396:2008)  69.0 dB (A)
Maximum cooling fan speed: operator sound pressure level (ISO 6396:2008)  72.0 dB(A)
Operating weight  24897.0 kg
Dimensions-high lift
The distance from the center line of the rear axle to the hinge  1775.0 mm
Lift arm clearance at the maximum lift position  3843.0 mm
Hinge pin height at maximum lift position  4458.0 mm
Hinge pin height at carrying height  680.0 mm
Total length (without bucket)  7773.0 mm
Ground clearance  434.0 mm
Tread width  2230.0 mm
Height to top of ROPS  3587.0 mm
Height to the top of the exhaust pipe  3522.0 mm
Height to the top of the hood  2818.0 mm
The maximum width between the outside of the tire  3009.0 mm
Wheelbase  3550.0 mm
Dimensions-standard lift
Bucket backturn angle at ground level  41 degrees
Bucket flip angle at maximum lift position  56 degrees
Bucket backturn at carrying height  50 degrees
Bucket capacity
Bucket capacity range  3.40-9.90 m³ (4.45-12.95 yd³)