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The battle of the buckets - Sany holds Zambia’s first excavator operator competition

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On 27 November 2020, the final of “the first excavator operator competition in Zambia” took place in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The competition, which ran for over one month, was jointly organized by Sany heavy industry, Sany’s dealer in Zambia DELTA AUTO & EQUIPMENT LTD, Road Development Agency of Zambia and Zambia Development Agency.

The operator challenge saw two levels of competition, starting at the preliminary contests. From there, 10 winners headed to the final. In each stage, excavator operators were tested on their agility, mental toughness and versatility via precision and time-based trials. The final of the competition included a series of challenges (watermelon cutting, beer opening and egg-digging in sands) that awarded cash prizes at different levels, ranging from ZMW 10,000 to 20,000 (USD 476.1 - 952.4).

There were also rounds of lucky draws, the winners of which were given vouchers worth USD 10,000. 

On behalf of Vincent Mwale, the minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development of Zambia who was unable to attend the event, Danny Mfune said: “We’d like to thank Sany for hosting this competition, which will provide references for subcontractors to choose competent operators. We hope that Sany holds this competition in more places across the country.”

“A well-functioning national highway network will bring economic benefits. Zambia government will continue to support outstanding subcontractors and believes that they will be able to undertake greater construction works soon.” Said Mfune.