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XCMG exhibits oriental wisdom at Shanghai bauma China 2020 show

2020-12-18 357 Font size

The 10th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery——bauma China was officially launched in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on November 24. With the theme of “Dream Up, Build Better", XCMG explores the development direction of China’s and the rest of the world’s construction machinery industry in a post-pandemic era.


In the XCMG Exhibition area lies the best machinery products from around the world and China, attracting the attention of visitors from various countries. Whether it is through the construction of the world's most powerful all-terrain crane XCA1600, the industry's largest electric excavator XE270E, or the world's largest drilling rig XR700E, and China's first super-tonnage electric wheel loader XC9350, XCMG has proven its ability to break through high-end technology. In addition, XCMG has taken root in countries across the globe, fully exemplifying the charm and elegance of the word "made in China" to the rest of the world.


Other highlights including a complete set of construction solutions, star products, 5G unmanned control systems, new energy technologies, core high-end components and a very dynamic machinery show gave customers comprehensive insights into XCMG's development achievements in unmanned driving, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and other core technology fields. XCMG will also hold the International Customer’s Festival (Online) to invite customers from all over the world to participate in more than 100 online and offline activities. The festival, which will be held in the form of a 72-hour non-stop global livestream, aims to let customers from all over the world experience the charm of XCMG.


In recent years, China's construction machinery industry has developed by leaps and bounds. In the different stages of transformation such as scale expansion to connotation improvement, XCMG has seized every opportunity to improve its high-end product innovation and market internationalization.

XCMG currently has 15 manufacturing bases, KD factories or joint ventures and has acquired 3 European enterprises including Schwing. China's annual export volume and overseas income continue to rank first in the industry, with the actual investment amount exceeding a total of 3 billion yuan in 97% of the countries and regions along the "One Belt And One Road" route.


With the advent of the intelligent and digital age, the development of the construction machinery industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. XCMG's perspectives on the products, manufacturing, services, clients and industrial ecology have adapted to the times and serve as strong engines for XCMG's high-quality development.


At bauma China, XCMG applied 5G technology to the field of construction machinery to realize the remote access of products. Drivers can operate products located in Xuzhou during the Shanghai Exhibition to achieve highly efficient and precise construction outcomes.


XCMG will bring a variety of 5G "black technology" to the exhibition to highlight the power of intelligent technology. XCMG smart 5G cockpit was exhibited to the public for the very first time, and it received overwhelmingly positive feedback for its ability to be controlled remotely. XCMG is also proud to announce that the XCMG-Global Service System (X-GSS) has officially been launched at bauma 2020.


Wang Min, chairman of XCMG, believes that the key to developing a competitive advantage for China's construction machinery industry lies in its ability to venture into overseas and high-end markets. Only by gaining international competition in high-end markets, can Chinese brands be truly regarded as world-class brands.

2020 is the first year of the “Three-Year Strategy towards the Top of Mount Everest”. XCMG will continue to strengthen its technology innovation and internationalization strategy, strive to climb to the top of the world's construction machinery industry, and make greater contributions to global engineering construction and sustainable development.