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An Intelligent Future! XCMG Showed "Oriental Wisdom" at Bauma China 2020

2020-12-04 342 Font size

The broad Huangpu River is rushing forward.On November 24,2020,the 10th Bauma CHINA was opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.Under the background that the pandemic was still raging around the world and the global economic situation was grim,Bauma CHINA 2020 showed China's wisdom and injects strength and confidence into the world economy with a professional,global and high-quality construction machinery event.

The extraordinary Bauma CHINA 2020 was the first concentrated display of XCMG on the world stage after XCMG successfully introduced strategic investment and made a successful step of mixed reform.Under the new mechanism,XCMG used high-quality"Creativity",and its leading strength of"An Intelligent Future",to demonstrate the wise thinking of"Eastern Power"and the wisdom and charm of global construction machinery leaders.

In this grand event,XCMG demonstrated its strongest strength:8,878㎡(indoor 2014㎡)exhibition area,both indoor and outdoor were wonderful;120 units of construction machinery,65 sets of spare parts appeared.The static display and 1,650 M2 dynamic demonstrations took turns.

The most complete set of construction solutions,the most shocking large-tonnage product lineup,the most intelligent 5G unmanned control cluster,the most environmentally friendly new energy technology trend,the most core high-end parts,the most dynamic large-scale joint construction show…the first"Super Brand Day"of construction machinery,more than 100 online and offline activities,72 hours of"day+night"non-stop global live streaming.You can see XCMG's high-quality development achievements in the field of unmanned driving,high-end parts,energy conservation and environmental protection,new energy and other core technologies and high-end construction machinery.

Constantly innovate and reshape the competitive landscape with core advantages

Walking in the XCMG exhibition area and observing the towering"Pillar of a Great Power",the achievements of technological innovation were presented one by one,and the internal vitality under the new mechanism continued to surge.XCMG is stepping onto the stage of world construction machinery industry with a new face.

The world's strongest all-terrain crane XCA1600,the industry's largest tonnage pure electric excavator XE270E,the world's largest rotary drilling rig XR700E,the world's first 90-ton three-axle mining dump truck XDM100,the largest power mining grader GR5505 in China,the largest electric drive loader XC935 in China and other products attracted visitors from all over the world,They stopped at here,experienced,interacted and communicated.

In particular,XC9350,the first domestic super-large-tonnage electric-drive wheel loader,can be called an unprecedented innovation.It once again broke the international technological monopoly of super-large-tonnage loader.XCMG becomes the only enterprise in China and the third in the world to produce 35-ton-class super-large-tonnage loader,and ranks among the world's leaders of super-large-tonnage loader.

Over the years,XCMG adheres to the product development strategy of high-end,high-tech,high added value,and large tonnage(three high and one large),continuously breaks through the original technology,independent technology and the last 10%difficult technology of climbing to the top of Mount Everest.It gathers the strength and momentum of"wrist-wrestling"with the world's construction machinery leaders strives to reach the top of Mount Everest in the construction machinery industry.

On December 12,2017,after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping went into XCMG,and emphasized that the equipment manufacturing industry was the backbone of the manufacturing industry.We should increase investment,strengthen research and development,accelerate development,strive to occupy the commanding heights of technology in the world,so as to make China a modern equipment manufacturing power.

"We dare not slack off for a moment!"said Wang Min,Chairman of XCMG.In order to implement the spirit of the General Secretary's important speech,XCMG will continuously strengthen technological innovation.

At present,XCMG has more than 7,300 validly authorized patents,more than 1,700 invention patents,and 87 PCT international patents,and has successfully completed the formulation and revision of 4 international standards.It controls the standards in its own hands and truly has the right to speak on technology.

The market share of XCMG's wheeled cranes has reached the world's first place;complete sets of concrete machinery and piling machinery are among the top two in the world industry,and the"world's first crane"4000-ton crawler cranes have sold 3 units,and they have also gone abroad to serve the"Belt and Road."The 700-ton mining excavator known as"China's No.1 Excavator"is currently in service in large-scale mines;independently innovative new electric control boxes,high-end hydraulic valves,and intelligent control systems have replaced imported equipment....

Based on quality,XCMG's road to the top is steadfast:on the list of the world's top 50 manufacturers in 2020,XCMG has leapt to the fourth place in the world's construction machinery,and has entered the"first camp"in the world.The style of Chinese construction machinery products led by XCMG is forming.

"Striving for the No.1",the enterprise culture in XCMG's bones,has promoted it to create many"world No.1"products.At this time,it became XCMG's"first move"to gather consensus among employees and promote mixed reforms..

In September this year,XCMG successfully introduced strategic investment.Under the new mechanism of"red gene+advantages of state-owned enterprises+mechanism of private enterprises",new market vitality,competitive vitality,mechanism vitality and youth vitality were also emerging.

"This is another reform of far-reaching influence and great significance since the establishment of the group in 1989,and it is also a great opportunity."Wang Min,Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.firmly said.

XCMG people work together,they are not afraid of difficulties and dangers,and strive to climb.At present,the introduction of strategic investors and the realization of employee shareholding is only the first step.XCMG will do a good job in the follow-up work of the reform of state-owned enterprises,and always maintain passion and soberness,so as to truly improve the quality of the"Pillar of a Great Power".

Intelligent manufacturing,5G empowers brand new XCMG

The wheels of history are rolling forward,and the tide of times is mighty.

The era of intelligence has come,and a new generation of information technologies such as big data,5G,artificial intelligence are promoting the reform and development of the manufacturing industry,and the"product concept,manufacturing concept,service concept,customer concept and ecological concept"adapted to the times are the powerful new engine for the high-quality development of XCMG.At bauma China 2020,XCMG delivered an excellent answer sheet with its continuous leading intelligent manufacturing and innovation.

At this exhibition,5G intelligent cockpit of road machinery and 5G intelligent rotary drilling rig debuted.XCMG innovatively applies 5G technology to the field of construction machinery to realize the remote control of products.The driver in Shanghai can operate the products in Xuzhou to realize high-efficiency and high-quality precision construction.In Xuzhou,the XCMG 5G Intelligent Industrial Park has already been completed.XCMG has applied 5G to all aspects of product development and manufacturing.

At the scene,XCMG's unmanned road roller made a shocking debut.As an industry leader,XCMG has always regarded unmanned intelligent technology as the focus of research and development,and is one of the earliest and most applied enterprises in the world in terms of unmanned technology.

XCMG unmanned cluster intelligent construction technology equipped with GPS and Beidou Positioning System fully combines the network with construction to seize the new opportunities of"China's intelligent manufacturing".On the driverless track,XCMG strengthens intelligent manufacturing,consolidates the foundation,attaches importance to application,and shows"China Speed".