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The First One in China! XCMG Unmanned Hydraulic Excavators Are Delivered to the Mining Area

2020-11-20 396 Font size

Without operators in the cabin,

the buckets are digging, 

the arms are lifting 

and the crawlers are steering 

It successfully and smoothly completed the whole set of movement.

With 5G technology becoming popular,

Autonomous trend

hits from the "Road" to the "Mining Area".

Lately, the first heavy-duty 

Mining driverless hydraulic excavator

-XCMG Smart Hydraulic Excavator XE950DA

was delivered to Jiangxi Copper Corporation

XCMG achieves major breakthroughs in intelligent mining and automation in the intelligent manufacturing sector.

The XCMG-XE950DA adopts the technology of 5G plus MEC commercial networking solution and remote-control to achieve unlimited distance control under 4G/5G, which significantly reduces production costs.

Meanwhile, the XE950DA is equipped with safety early warning features such as personnel identification, warning, and motion monitoring. These features sufficiently guarantee the safety of personnel around and equipment during the production.

The one-button automatic loading feature enables the excavator to complete a single bucket digging and loading within 20s, ensuring the production efficiency of clients' remote-control construction. XCMG truly transforms the mining self-driving technology into actual productivity. At present, this mining excavator has been fully utilized in clients’ mining areas.

"Large, Intelligent and Safe" is the inevitable development trend of large-scale open-pit mining equipment. XCMG has insights into the production "Difficulties" of high operation cost and low safety factor in open-pit mines, while firmly implementing the national mining construction strategy of "Mechanization, Automation and Intelligent". In order to achieve safe mining management and reduce mining costs, XCMG constantly researching, developing and breaking through technical difficulties, it has made great contributions to the transformation and upgrading of mining equipment.