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Preview of Zoomlion's Highlights at the Grand Global Event for "Progressing" Hand-in-hand

2020-11-13 292 Font size

The 3rd China International Import Expo will be held offline in Shanghai from November 4 to 10, which, supported by more favorable policy, will accommodate high-standard exhibits including a variety of cool products powered by blackbox technology and trend-setting products. ZOOMLION, as "an old friend" of the CIIE, has arranged the high-end products from CIFA Italy and M-tec Germany under its wing in the 3H hall for technical equipment exhibition as scheduled, waiting for the coming of 400,000 purchasers and professional visitors along with other "specialized, sophisticated, cutting-edge and special" products from Fortune Global 500 enterprises and industrial leading enterprises.

 ZOOMLION's exhibition area at the 3rd CIIE

According to ZOOMLION's staff in charge of the exhibit layout at this CIIE, ZOOMLION will highlight flagship products of the brands in possession of ZOOMLION's overseas subsidiaries characterized by high technical content and excellent properties, which deserve the name of "invisible champion" of the industry.

A boom is being seen in the domestic development of dry-mixed mortar equipment, a segment of engineering machinery. M-tec Germany under ZOOMLION, the No. 1 global brand in this field, has led the industry in its direction all the time since its entry into the Chinese market. M-tec will show the GIGAMIX and SMP, mechanized construction equipment involving the field of the technology in making dry-mixed mortar mobile slios, at this expo.

The life of the GIGAMIX, as the "Big Mac" of the industry and with more humanized design, has been greatly extended due to the adoption of the latest PU material technology in its manufacture according to the description of relevant staff. In addition, this product with a super wide range in applied particle sizes and higher output can be "surely" applied in civil construction, industrial construction, bridges, tunnels and various other scenarios as the equipment that enables the successful and efficient realization of "multiple functions congregating in one machine".

The SMP, another exhibit from M-tec of ZOOMLION, is fully automated construction equipment integrating stirring, pumping and other functions. This product, made by inheriting the patented core duo-mix technology used in the duo-mix, M-tec's star product remaining in great demand for over 30 years, is a new-generation "fruit" of inheritance and innovation employing the process-oriented intelligent panel and highly integrating different automation control techniques for sensors.

The relevant responsible person from M-tec of ZOOMLION said, "The tricky problems in construction such as self-leveling mortar has been solved with the use of SMP equipment with the most reliable performance in mortar mixing in the industry. I hope that the display of M-tec products and technology at this CIIE will render a push to the quicker and better development of domestic dry-mixed mortar field towards a higher level, and its upgrade to the mechanized and intelligentized direction."

ZOOMLION's another sub-brand, CIFA Italy, is the trump card in the field of concrete spraying manipulators. The CSS-3 wet injector at the highest technical level of this industry will be showcased at this CIIE. According to reliable information, the CSS-3 wet injector, armed with the latest intelligent technology, allows the realization of the functions of spraying and positioning under the one-key control, and, furthermore, it can memorize movement trails and learn by itself, which significantly reduces the difficulty in equipment operation and labor intensity of operators and makes construction operation easier to learn. Also, this product, as the only domestic equipment driven by either electromotors or diesel engines for spraying operation, ensures the continuation of normal construction in the case of power cut on the site. This product, boasting the robot cantilever system that is a global pioneer system and can freely move in nine dimensions, features accurate positioning, easy capture of tunnel outlines, facilitating the realization of injection without blind zones.

The person responsible for the CIFA of ZOOMLION said, "This is the second time that we have participated in the expo. Thanks to the promotion at last CIIE, high-end CIFA products have been found in the construction projects in Xiong’an New Area, gaining more popularity in the region and industry." We hope not only to create more development opportunities with the aid of the CIIE but also to drive domestic construction in this field to the road of higher efficiency with the help of our high-end products.

The relevant responsible person from ZOOMLION expressed, "The CIIE serves as a place where all good qualities 'gather' for the benefit of the industry's 'progress'. Over the past one year or more, a number of customers have shown great interest in CIFA and M-tec products and established cooperation in different projects with relation to these products. We have set out again on the way to this CIIE in the hope of sharing our new R & D achievements, new technology with global customers to reach the goal of common development."