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XCMG High-End Customized GR2605 Grader Fleet Delivered to Rio Tinto Group

2020-10-15 313 Font size

On September 9, XCMG Grader GR2605 Fleet Delivery & GR5505 Mining Grader Project Commencement Ceremony for Rio Tinto project was grandly held at XCMG grader intelligent manufacturing base. Greg Courts, General Manager of Purchasing of Rio Tinto China, Lu Chuan, President of XCMG, Dr. Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG and relevant strategic suppliers attended the event.

It is understood that XCMG GR2605 grader customized by Rio Tinto Group is an important symbol of China's equipment manufacturing industry moving towards the global middle and high end markets.

XCMG will further deepen the cooperation with Rio Tinto. Through innovation-driven and excellent quality management, XCMG will build GR5505 customized grader of Rio Tinto Group with high quality, so as to fully meet the requirements of Rio Tinto Group.

Greg Courts, General Manager of Purchasing of Rio Tinto China said in his speech:

The success of GR2605 grader customization project is the result of the cooperation of both parties and is a great achievement. Thanks to the successful cooperation experience of this project, Rio Tinto firmly believes that XCMG has the strength to produce the most advanced super-horsepower grader in the world.

Lu Chuan, President of XCMG, pointed out:

XCMG mining grader project is the result of the joint efforts of Rio Tinto team, supplier team and every XCMG employee involved in the project. Internationalization strategy is a major strategy of XCMG. Rio Tinto Group is a global well-known mining group. As the No.1 construction machinery and mining machinery manufacturer in China and No.4 in the world, XCMG has always valued the cooperation with Rio Tinto Group.

Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, and Mr Jacques, CEO of Rio Tinto Group, have both attached great importance to this cooperation. In the future, XCMG will make continuous efforts to build a long-term and close strategic cooperation with Rio Tinto.

"Now, I announce, start!" With Lu Chuan's command, a fleet of XCMG GR2605 graders honked and started.

Great responsibility is on the shoulder, the great road is ahead. Along with these "big machines" on the march, there are also the missions of XCMG employees to make great achievement in XCMG’s globalization endeavor.