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XCMG Large-tonnage Road Roller is Amazing!

2020-08-27 336 Font size

No. 1 in Asia, and No. 4 in the world,

Ezhou Airport (SF-Express Airport), as a domestic project under way in Hubei Province, is a bit famous for its construction site.

As this specialized cargo airport takes on the task of participating in the global aviation logistics competition on behalf of China, the project is accelerated to catch up with the construction schedule since the resumption of work.



XCMG complete equipment sets off a craze of construction


Since the construction of the Ezhou Airport began in 2016, nearly 300 units of XCMG road machinery have been put into the project up to now. It’s reported that to realize the basic goal of “completing the planning of SF-Express Airport in 2019, basic completion in 2020 and put into use in 2021”, the construction organization surmounts difficulties, seizes favorable opportunities to keep up with the construction schedule and intensifies efforts to carry out large-scale construction. The workforce and equipment input exceeds the original scale of more than 50%.


XCMG XS365 road rollers work at the Work Zone Four of Ezhou Airport

Since the project schedule is limited, 8 XS365road rollers work against the clock in an intelligent and coordinated manner under the favorable condition that there are fewer flights during the outbreak. Operating day and night, the road rollers set off a craze of “large-scale and fast” construction, striving to keep up with the schedule delayed due to the epidemic.



With advanced technology, XCMG road rollers are brave to work in extreme conditions.


With the development of global industrialization and urbanization, it is irresistible to remove mountains to build cities and promote the construction of emerging cities, and this special "construction under extreme conditions" brings more urgent demand for thick paving and great-depth compaction. As one of the national key projects, Ezhou Airport has higher requirements on equipment. So how does XCGT XS365 large-tonnage road roller stands out among numerous brands?



Since this road roller is specially designed for filling and compaction of great-depth rocks and super-thick paving and meanwhile can be used for regular compaction, the whole machine is characterized by "strong" power, "large" force, "great" compaction width and "high" compaction efficiency, which are realized by XCMG after years of market test and continuous technological improvement.



To make XCMG large-tonnage road roller more efficient and stable, the XCMG roller R&D team, relying on its rich experience in design and multiple technical research and scheme review, designed the machine with a great-depth compaction capacity, and the compaction impact depth is more than 2 meters. And the road roller has a stable source of vibration power and multiple capabilities such as more than 40% of climbing, super slip resistance and efficient and reliable super-thick paving.



XCMG large-tonnage road roller has taken the lead in integrating super compaction capacity, reliability, remote intelligent management and unmanned operation. In addition, the R&D team also makes a design targeting adaptability and comfort to make the operators feel more comfortable.


Powerful combination to promote high-quality development


With the help of XCMG, more than 200,000 square meters of earth-rock filling has been completed per day for the Section Two construction of Zoumahu water system government project undertaken by the China Railway Beijing Engineering Group Co., Ltd., exceeding the daily maximum construction output last year. Since the resumption of work on March 18, the total output of earth-stone filling construction of the Zoumahu Lake project has exceeded 2.6 million square meters, and the construction output value has exceeded 100 million yuan.


XCMG road roller keeps the best sales in the industry for 34 consecutive years. Based on the market positioning of “solving problems and creating value for customers”, XCMG provides the richest and cost-optimal pavement construction solutions. XCMG road rollers operate in groups, which is inevitable because the product strength is constantly recognized by the market and customers. XCMG for your success!