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Infront mini excavators give a hand to Australia’s infrastructure construction

2018-08-16 1041 Font size
Infront mini excavator, a new choice for Australian people

In Australian market, there are many excavator brands varied from configurations, functions, prices and attachments. Infront, as a foreign brand in Australia, offers a better choice for the local people who are looking for high-class configuration mini excavators with relative lower price. Infront mini excavators’ star models YFE16  featured with high efficiency and low fuel consumption will make construction projects complete ahead of schedule and save money for contractors.

Urban constructions such as digging trenches, laying pipes and landscaping have strict requirement for machines’ size that should be as small as they can to ensure their accessibility to narrow spaces. Infront mini excavator YFE16’s retractable undercarriage can be adjusted between 980mm to 1350mm, ensuring its accessibility to the space as narrow as 1 meter. YFE16 can be removed the canopy to operate in building’s inner space. Without canopy, YFE16’s height is less than 2.5 meters, which is very convenient to be used in confined space’s renovation. These characteristics make YFE16 flexible enough to work in the confined spaces of urban construction.