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14sets of SHANTUI bulldozers from JINING Infront machinery CO.,LTD were delivered to clients of Southeast asia.

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Recently, Shandong Jining Infront Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. followed the pace of "One belt and one road", traded with Southeast Asia customers and the bulldozers have been ready to ship. These equipments include 10 sets of SD13 and 4 sets of SD16. Fourteen sets in total. They will be arriving at seaport at the end of September. After the arrival of these equipments, they will serve a number of local service construction projects.

In the background of “One belt one road”, our company strengthen the relationship with our customers around the world to maintain a positive response of the inquiry of SHANTUI spare parts and equipments. At the same time, we plan to keep close contacting with our customers worldwide at the second half of 2017 and strive to promote the sales and maintenance of the SHANTUI products, in order to enhance the share of SHANTUI in the global market.