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Stunning Debut of Shantui SP90Y Pipe Crane in Turkey

2016-05-12 1449 Font size

Through working of almost half a month under cooperation of local agent, the service personnel and Application Engineering Department’s engineers of Shantui Construction Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. have completed installation and debugging of the first batch (10 sets) of SP90Y pipe cranes exported to Turkey, which have been delivered to the User today and have formally participated in the construction of natural gas pipeline project in Turkey. During the working of the first day, the stable lifting performance is highly praised and respected by the User, and these pipe cranes complete their stunning debut.

Since 2015, Shantui Construction Machinery (America) Co., Ltd. has always tracked this natural gas pipeline engineering and actively adopted various resources and channels to participate in this Engineering. For the pipe crane market in Turkey has been under monopoly of European, American and Japanese brands for multiple years and no Shantui pipe crane operated in Turkey in the past, so Shantui cannot provide powerful reference template for users; therefore, the promotion is very difficult. However, “dare to fight to win a war” is always a fine tradition of Shantui Construction Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. Facing to such a difficult market promotion, the frontline staff adhered to the principle of “never cast aside and never give up”, fully exerted the fine tradition of the Import & Export Company, and mastered each participation opportunity through fighting day and night.

Through cooperating with local agents vigorously, this Engineering has forged ahead rapidly. Shantui Construction Machinery (America) Co., Ltd. always conducts sincere cooperation with local agents. At the beginning, it visited Project Department of this Engineering, and then visited all construction companies participating in this project one by one; in addition, it has also made detailed response scheme for special requirements proposed by each construction company, thus providing outstanding support for users in financing, commercial and technical services, and finally obtaining historical breakthrough at the end of last year. Through several rounds of hard negotiation, it has reached a preliminary procurement agreement with some company finally, and insisted on inviting the Equipment Procurement Supervisor of this Company to visit Shantui; after visiting Shantui Head Office and watching working demonstration of pipe crane, the Equipment Procurement Supervisor’s final scruple was finally eliminated by Shantui’s strong manufacturing capability and service guarantee capability, and both Parties signed the order of the first batch (10 sets) of SP90Y pipe cranes at one stroke.

Through four-month tight production and transportation, this batch of pipe cranes were delivered to the User’s construction site at the end of April, and the frontline staff completed installation and debugging of pipe cranes in the shortest time. During the debugging, an Engineer of the User who greatly preferred pipe crane of brand K always showed his doubt in lifting performance of Shantui pipe crane and said that Shantui products were inferior to brand K in public sites for many times. Therefore, we had to eliminate the query of the User’s Engineer with actual performance. During the testing, this Engineer proposed extremely rigorous testing standard, while Shantui Engineer operated the pipe crane to conduct the lifting experiment with confidence and stability, with results completely meeting testing standard. Finally, the rigorous Engineer gave high praise to Shantui pipe crane on the site for wonderful lifting performance of Shantui products.