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Shantui Dealer Conducts Brand Promotion Event

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Displaying a commitment to its strategic partner, Shantui’s dealer in the Republic of the Congo represented the Shantui brand at the International May Day Festival in Pointe Noire, flying banners and distributing branded gifts to the participants of the festival. Commemorating workers around the world, the May Day holiday is celebrated with parades, dancing, and feasting. Seizing the opportunity to support the workers of Pointe Noire and promote Shantui, the staff of Trabec SARL joined in the festivities dressed in Shantui orange, and carried a banner displaying the company and Shantui logo in the festival’s parade through the center of town.

The rise of the economies of Central and South Africa has created a valuable market for construction machinery companies, capitalizing on increased infrastructure spending and commodities development. Keen to grow its market presence, Shantui has partnered with Trabec SARL, a key player in the market. Shantui’s Ghana Subsidiary offers many forms of support for its strategic partner, including technical training, spare parts supply, after-sales service, and marketing support. Brining value to the partnership is key to Shantui’s strategy for success, and Trabec SARL supports that strategy through strong marketing campaigns and providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. With strong sales growth in Central Africa, this is sure to be a winning partnership.