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President of Tanzania Visits Infront Stand of 2016 International Contractor Equipment Exhibition

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AVIC International—Infront Tanzania Company participated in 2016 International Contractor Forum and Equipment Exhibition held in Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania on May 26 and 27. The exhibition is hosted by Tanzania Contractors Association and supported by Commercial Bank of Africa. Various engineering contractors and engineering equipment suppliers inside and outside Tanzania participate in the activity and Infront SD22 bulldozer is shown in the exhibition.

President of Tanzania Magufuli gives a speech in the opening ceremony. He requires the local contractors to strengthen their ability to better contribute to development of Tanzania. After the opening ceremony, the president visits the equipment exhibition area and Infront stand as invited. Infront introduces the products to the President. The President asks Infront about power, price and quality warranty of SD22 bulldozer and his questions are well answered. It is worth mentioning that the President is nicknamed “Bulldozer” because of his decisive character. The President praises Infront bulldozer a lot and hopes Infront to maintain good product quality, provide customized solutions to Tanzania and increase inventory in order to provide better and efficient service to contractors. Finally, the president gives Infront the highest praise in the exhibition--Infront Bulldozer, the No. 1 in the world.

Various local media report the President’s visit to Infront stand, which lay a sound foundation for Infront to further explore the market and maintain government channel. It is reported that the country will invest 2,400 billion dollars in financial year 2016-2017 for infrastructure construction, which is a great demand on engineering machinery.