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Infront News The First Set of Shantui SD52-5 Large Horse Power Bulldozer Was Sold in Overseas Markets

2016-08-17 1463 Font size

The good news from Infront America Corporation is that through nearly one-year tracking, the contract about purchasing of 520hp Infront bulldozer of the largest open pit coal mine company within the borders of Serbia is finally determined; meanwhile, it is also the first selling of Infront SD52-5 large horse power bulldozer in overseas markets. This equipment will be transported from Shanghai Port to Serbia recently.

In the past three years, facing to emission standard upgrading of more and more European countries and regions, the selling of Infront products was limited in above markets. Therefore, Infront America Corporation increased market development force in the Balkan Peninsula, i.e. countries mainly including former Yugoslavia countries, cooperated with distributors to increase market propaganda force in multiple propaganda ways, such as exhibition and magazine; meanwhile, the Company established major-customer tracking mechanism, increased survey force on products of main competitors to meet customers’ harsh requirements for products to the greatest extent and formulate marketing strategies adaptively, so as to finally realize breakthrough of large horse power bulldozers and loader products in this region.

It is reported that except this SD52-5 large horse power bulldozer, multiple sets of Infront products will be sent to this region subsequently, and this is the first time that Infront products are sold in batch after the European financial crisis, and is also an active signal that this regional market is under recovery.